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So, in my first winter in Ibiza, I guess it was always going to be tricky to remember that, unlike UK winter time, it’s a short sharp blast of cold and you can’t hide away under a big sloppy jumper for the next 6 months whilst you combat the after effects of long sunday roast lunches in the pub with lashings of red wine and stodgy puddings.

In fact, it is quite the opposite. Whilst I have been more active than ever this winter on my bike, joining BfIT Gym, spinning, running along our beautiful coastline and also doing my daily self yoga practice, by the nature of the weather, you do still feel drawn to slightly heavier foods.

So with jeans that feel a little more snug than they did last year and a feeling on my matt of being more yogi snail than summer butterfly I was delighted to see my favourite Ibiza eatery,  Passion Cafe , was running a raw food cleanse programme.

As a total addict to the smoothies, Acai Jungle breakfast and incredible teas, I didn’t need to think twice. Today began with a raw food breakfast of a Chlorella shot, Almond milk breakfast smoothie with Lucuma and chia and a Fresh Coconut meat porridge.

The latter being my favourite, as I am a total coconut addict and am missing my usual coconut feasting time in india and this was about as close to the next best thing I have had since leaving Goa. Luckily I managed to catch up with Lana LOVE, cafe owner to get the recipe for us, which I plan to include in our JoGa Beats retreat in May. Check it out in this Passion Podcast:




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Just two days left until the forms must be handed in to stop phase one of the testing, proposed by the Oil companies, to find out if their Oil rigs can be built off the coast of Ibiza.

More then 30,000 forms have been handed in to try and stop the harmful explosions being set off underwater, which will cause serious harm to marine life, close to the Cultural World Heritage site.

Find out the full story in the nterview I did with Ibiza Preservation fund chief, Sandra Benbeniste:

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It’s been two years since Jo was the hostess of The Remix on Juice 107.2 in Brighton on Saturday nights and last week saw the return of Jo to the airwaves on Ibiza Global Radio.

Indulging her passion for re-hashed beats on The Remix was a two year love affair, but with Essential Ibiza, Jo has teamed up with British Airwaves to showcase the best events, clubs and DJ’s on the island.

Last week saw local island resident, Manu gonzalez, in the hot seat mixing live during the show, but Defected lable chief, Simon Dumore was the opening DJ on the debut show. Listen again Here>>>>>>>>>>

You can tune in Wednesdays at 8pm here>>>>>>>>


Essential Ibiza Global Radio show with Jo Youle: Episode 1 by Essential Ibiza Radio on Mixcloud

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So for the rest of october, I will be away Walking the whole coast of ibiza.

I have jumped on board a round the island walk that takes roughly 10-14 days and is 220km.

Since moving here to teach JoGa Beats for the summer, I have fallen in love with the island and am now planning to stay for winter.

I am so into the idea of being back in nature, camping every night and sleeping under the stars and meeting ten other like minded people to share this experience.

Hear the podcast I created with head honcho of Walking Ibiza, Toby Clarke……we will also be uploading regular podcasts throughout the walk to mixcloud. Stay tuned…….

Tales from the Walking Trail 2 by Walkingibiza on Mixcloud

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After teaching her  JoGa Beats workshops in the soul Dome all weekend at Bestival, Jo finally got the moment she had been waiting for on Sunday, when she took to the main stage for her half hour yoga warm up for the Dub Pistols.

Having not even peeked her head around to see if many people had turned up to see the first band of the day, Fleetwood Bac, she got a pretty big shock to climb the back stairs and peer out to a sea of faces! Thousands were rocking out to the cover band, which provided a lovely way to get her pre-stage yogi groove on and have a little sing along to calm the nerves, which were…..out of control!

Having her head mic fitted and her DJ mix sound checked she realised there was no getting out of this, but with her brand spanking Electric blue lame leggings on, she was as ready as she would ever be.

Hear how it went down, with Barry “Bendy” Ashworth from the Dub Pistols, who joined her on stage mid way through the session and also had his band sound checking around her as she led the sequences  as the crowds joined her, putting down their pints and picking up their festival asana!

Jun 2013 10

JoGa has hosted two hugely successful retreats in Ibiza already this year, so it seemed rude not to plot another in the diary for the closing parties week.

If you fell in love with The White Isle through bliss filled, hazy days of partying, now love to dance, but not go the whole hog, this event could be up your street.

JoGa Beats will be the focus of this retreat, with morning sessions to be held poolside – a music led class that links the breath to the beat – creating a meditative flow which envelopes the mind until the body follows – in a playful dance and yoga flow.

On Sunday we hit the Healing Ibiza festival for a day long fiesta of free yoga, meditation and dance sessions at the exclusive 5 Star Atzaro Spa Hotel and on Saturday night, Jo also teaches a class at the Rockovery – the spot where Wham! once filmed their Club Tropicana music video.

Jo met Howard Marks there recently, a big JoGa Beats fan as it turns out!

There will also be the option to attend the final shutting up shop of We Love @ SPACE on the Sunday OR  DC10 on the Monday, where you can go & let rip in a kind of dance music meditation session. Check out more details on the JOGA RETREAT PAGE.


Apr 2013 29

On Sunday May 05, JoGa Beats will head to the 5 star, Atzaro Spa hotel for one day only as part of the Healing Ibiza festival.

Healing Ibiza is a day when all the therapists, healers and holistic practitioners on the island come together to celebrate and showcase a side of the island, often forgotten.

It’s magical energy and ability to bring people together to create a day aimed purely at opening the mind, heart and soul is one not to be missed.

JoGa Beats will take place as part of the yoga area at 1pm.

To find out more of the history of the event, check out the interviews Jo did with the organisers and spiritual warriors who curated this years line-up:

Healing Ibiza May preview podcast by Healingibiza on Mixcloud

Dec 2012 05

JoGa on your FM Dial.…well kind of!

With the festivities leaving us less time to squeeze in exercise but plenty of time to cram in a few sausage rolls, a mince pie and some mulled vino plonkino and a snog under the mistle toe, well I thought I would come to YOU instead! Here’s a little festive sun salutations session to get you through ’till I return with my JoGa Beats Classes in 2013, Happy New Year JoGini’s.

Oct 2012 21


Actually you will if you join us for this next retreat in Shoreham in Kent.

Our next event (26-28th October) will be focussing purely on music, how it is made, how it can be linked to the breath, how it can inspire, invigorate, assist meditation, celebration and create a feeling of unity.

We have 4 unique musical collaborations on this retreat.

The first in the name of DJ and music producer Liz Cirelli who is also a yoga teacher. She will be taking a workshop focussing on how music is structured & how we can use it to link the breath and meditate within it’s form.

The second in the name of the creator of Sonic Enchantment, Fabio Garces. f you’d like to get some fast stress-relief, deep relaxation, clear fear out of your system forever, get out of your head, get more focused/productive, tune more deeply into yourself, your body, your feelings, then this sound healing workshop is especially for you.

Our third guest is African Rhythms Masseur Magnus.
Magnus Agugu an extraordinary British-born African healer, who combines African Rhythms Massage with truthful conversation.

His treatments work on physical, psychological, cellular and soulular levels, thus impacting every area of a persons life.

A treatment will leave you nourished, nurtured, re-vitalised and back in touch with the joy of life, a peaceful heart and an optimistic outlook.

Magnus will also be leading an African Rhythms Massage Workshop where everyone will learn to massage while dancing to the uplifting playlist he uses to do his treatments.

And finally, I will also be running my normal JoGa Beats classes daily, where we use A beat heavy playlist to link our breath to the beat, whilst going through a Vinyasa Flow Class – with a twist.

More details and for how to book and prices check here:

Aug 2012 17

Last year I had to pull out of going to Bestival, despite a lifelong NEED to see The Cure and Bjork, to work at the Berlin festival, so I could not be more excited, to finally pop my Bestival cherry so to speak, after being asked to teach JoGa there this year.

I will be taking three JoGa Beats workshops at the festival on the Isle of Wight, on the 7,8 and 9 September respectively. All classes are FREE and will focus on the idea of breathing to the beat.

We spend our lives rushing around like headless chickens, not giving ourselves a chance to think or even breath at times, so this is your chance to focus purely on you, your breath and the delicious Vinyasa flow style, meditative, playful movement that will follow.

At this stage it looks like our sessions will be the “kick off your day” classes in the Soul Park with a billing of 10am each day, but the timings may change, so watch the @JoGaBeats twitter feed for updates.

One class will also be fancy dress, on the day of the Wildlife theme, so feel free to tweet me playlist ideas for that or leave a message on our JoGA FB PAGE….any song with an animal mention – this WILL be going in.

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