To mark the start of the JoGa Beats Ibiza Yoga season, a special Spring retreat is planned 28th April – 02 May 2017 at Samskara Ibiza, the islands newest yoga space in the north, at Sant Vincente.

Join us for this 4 day, 4 night weekender, starting 6pm Friday with Jo’s unique flow yoga backed by a sublime soundtrack on our terrace overlooking the mountains at sunset.

Dinner will be served right after class by our private Chef Bobbys Table Ibiza, and then its an early night ready for the early morning session on Saturday, as Jo fires you up and into the weekend fitness Fiesta feelings. joga-boat

Also on hand will be personal trainer, Peta Olivia who will give you bespoke strength sessions, combined with circuits and HIT focussed elements.

The 4 days/4 nights is 650 early bird – ending 31st Dec 2016 / 750 full price.

Email Jo for your Space :



After making my yoga teaching debut at Healing Ibiza festival last year, I wanted to get a little more behind the scenes of this years event, which will now take place over two days. Instead of just having the event on the Sunday this month, at the stunning Atzaro venue, the curators have now decided to extend it across Monday as well, to incorporate extended workshops.

I caught up with some of the teachers, organisers and also this year’s sponsor, and writer, DJ, producer and radio station boss, Robert Miles to get the lowdown on what’s in store next weekend…

Healing Ibiza 2014 – Meet the organisers, teachers and sponsor of the event: Robert Miles by Re-Set Radio on Mixcloud





When I got the call to ask if I’d like to teach JoGa Beats at Bestival, I can’t deny I wasn’t torn. I had just agreed the day before to go and cover the Berlin Festival again for BBC 6 Music and last year was an absolute belter of a weekend, but as I compared line-ups, I noticed all the bands I wanted to see in Berlin (Sbtrkt, Django Django, Little Dragon, Sigur Ros) were all playing on the Isle of Wight anyways! Nice.

Packing up my JoGa wares ( a yoga matt to sleep on and use in class – handy), working on my animal inspired playlist for class & finding a suitable Wildlife outfit was obviously tough, but all in a day’s work at JoGa HQ.

Arriving on site @ Robin Hill Country Park, I was left in NO doubt, if I had made the right choice! The whole site had been magically transformed into a giant playground and taking a stroll to the Soul Park and seeing the Soul Dome where I would be teaching, I felt like a small child in a sweetie shop!

Waking up the next morning I ventured back to the mainstage field, where I had an interview lined up with Bestival Radio with The Reverand Milo. He bounced out to greet me in his white Lab coat and within minutes of entering the studio I had him doing JoGa on air and working up a bit of a sweat, which he seemed to enjoy and after telling his listeners to keep their “Chakra’s sharp”, asked me to wait around ’till after his show finished. I obliged.

“Got any good tunes JoGa?” he asked. “Um, hundreds on my iPhone, yes,” I replied.
“I need CD’s,” Bugger, I thought. “Hmmm, I can’t help you then sadly….why?” ” I gotta go DJ on the mainstage now, in fact was due to start ten minutes ago, quick, run.” We legged it accross the field and approached security, who didn’t question a man in a white lab coat. We sailed past and after a quick rifle through a swiftly found CD collection, I picked out Roy Ayers, Everyone Loves The Sunshine for what I suspected might be coming next.
“Wanna teach some Joga while I DJ?” came the question? “Why not,” I replied, before my jelly legs had a chance to influence my rapidly fear filling brain. “Got any special requests?” I picked out another favourite, Reckoner by Radiohead and that was it. Before I knew it the mighty Rev had introduced me and thrust the mic into my sweaty palm. “Hello Bestival,” I yelled. Cue major euphoria flooding into system. GET THE FU** IN (I thought!). “Ok, so close your eyes, rest your hand on your belly, sit up tall out of the waist, out of the hips, elongate the neck and the spine, tilt your chin up towards that delicious sunshine and take your first inhale…….” I was off.

9 mins and 43 seconds later I felt like I had been catapulted into another stratosphere….and as I floated off stage having got the entire field doing their morning sun salutations, I wafted off and bowled straight into a man in a turban. “Did you study Yoga in India?” he asked. “Yes!” “Are you coming to Jaipur?” “Um…” I wracked my brain, was I? er….God knows! I had no idea what day it was, but didn’t want to offend. “Maybe!” I managed. He looked Cool! Then I noticed a trumpet under his arm. It was the Jaipur Kawa Brass Band coming on to do the warm up gig for the first official day of Bestival.

We swapped emails, took a photo of each other and then I realised… I was late for my own class…. almost! I broke into a sprint, adrenalin pumping through my veins and made it back to the Soul Park in 5 minutes flat, unusual, it had taken at least half an hour to get there last night!

Everyone was sleeping off the night before in the Soul Dome as I approached. Bodies were strewn all over the shop. “HiYa….um, I am just about to teach some JoGa, anyone up for it?” I tried. Silence. I got the matts out and began to dot them around the dome. “Anyone?” I tried again. Suddenly, like a scene from Dawn of The Dead, suddenly the Zombie’s looked keen! One guy in particular looked very keen indeed. He bounded in like the Andrex Puppy. “Ok,” he said looking a bit startled under his sunnies….fooling no-one as to the source of his enthusiasm! Boom.

As we closed our eyes to Heartbeats by Jose Gonzales to begin the initial meditation and bonding excercise, I felt tears prick my closed eyelids. I suddenly felt a tidal wave of absolute joy and happiness washing over me.

I only quit my job 3 weeks ago as a Radio News Editor & I must admit, it was not without a bit of apprehension in my belly about where all this would be heading. BUT, right there and then, I felt pretty proud i kicked the fear factor up the arse and went for it.

It takes balls to believe in yourself 100%, trust your instincts & chuck yourself out there in blind faith (and hope)….but like the day I walked away from my other job freelancing for BBC 6 Music, as a music journalist….this felt 100% right.

When I bumped into David Sye of Yoga Beats the next day and recounted the whole days events, he told me, “When you’re on the right path, Life moves fast….”


As I arrived on the Island I actually almost ran into her, tanned, long limbed, her hair lighter and curling softly around her face. She was smiling and was chasing a little girl off the beach.

It took me a triple take to realise that I had glimpsed the woman people back home had grown to loath.

Everyday in London seemed to bring another newspaper splashed with shots of the singer bleeding, snotty with her eyes rolling.

But here, she appeared to have transformed, relaxed, been eating, and looked a picture of health.

Not only that, but as i booked into reception, I saw she was staying 2 cottages along in the 5 star complex I had been flown out to cover the St Lucia Jazz festival on a press trip.

From my upstairs roof terrace, I could see her out on hers, smoking and chatting to friends, her band members and a very big bouncer – who made it clear we were not to approach.

Speaking to the Tourism Minister for the island, I was told she was getting along famously with locals and as a Thank You, had offered to headline the Jazz Festival.

Despite her fresh faced look, I still had doubts about whether she would turn up. However, with the world’s media looking on, including me, with high expectations, Amy appeared in a small blue dress a guest told me she had borrowed to perform in.

Hopes were soon dashed. Amy had, it became clear within a nanosecond, morphed into her old London self.

Gone was the healthy sparkle and in its place a wobbly, glassy eyed mess had returned. I felt so sad I felt tears spring to my eyes unexpectedly.

Vox popping the crowd after there was a lot of anger, but all I felt was that Amy was not born to perform. It isn’t not something she appeared to enjoy…and maybe this is why she felt the need to get smashed before every gig?

I am feeling really sick about the whole affair right now…it has left me with a bad taste in my mouth and more than a few tears.

This is the report I filed for BBC 6 Music back in 2009 just after the show….

St Lucia Jazz Festival Amy Winehouse FEATURE 100509 by JoYoule


The Brighton Festival has this year surpassed itself, with the musical goodness it has supplied. It kicked off with the legend, that is DJ Shadow in his Shadowsphere in the Dome, hot on his heels came Sufjan Stevens in head to toe neon, Lee “Scratch” – mad as a box of frogs – Perry and Max Romeo, Velvet Underground founder John Cale and this week, her royal highness, Laurie Anderson lands.

Being a bit of an 80’s kid, I was always a huge fan of O Superman, the track that catapulted her from artist to pop icon, sky rocketing into No. 2 in the charts in the process.

However, her supreme geekyness is what I love most, as well her ability to invent stuff for her shows that demonstrates a woman, ready to tinker with technology and rival any of Inspector Gadget’s finest feats. Fact.

Listen to her full scathing attack on the merits (there are none) of the MP3here in a high-tech talk.


Recently I went round my friend Joel’s house in Brighton for a Sushi night and as the wine began to flow, I unwittingly picked up a whole ball of Wasabi thinking it was Sashimi (albeit a potentially slightly off colour type of fish) and gobbled it whole.

As the intial eye watering effects began to wear off, I spotted Miss Piggy planted on his couch….and realised it was not some kind of mustard induced hallucination. We brought her in the kitchen to join the party….soon Kermit had made a whole Sushi roll and the mini muppet rave was in full swing.

It was only this week I realised why Joel had these muppets in his flat…and the awesome results can be seen here, as he is a camera man and had been shooting a video with them.


…and for once I am not talking about a tumble I took at the weekend.

Today I was sent a link to the brand new track from a quartet that is Fujiya &Miyagi. Never heard of them? Neither had I, but their superb new album Ventriloquizing, caught me by surprise and for today you can listen to a nice sample of the new LP right here


Komedia Brighton have signed up to take a monthly podcast written and produced by Jo for their website.

This month the Komcast focuses on headline act Al Murray as he unveils his brand spanking new show, Compete for the Meat.

As well as talking about the perils of a defrosting frozen chicken and his favourite sausages, Al tells us what he’d have done if The Pub Landlord was not popular (as if!).

Krater comedy compere and local legend Stephen Grant also delves into his 11 years of backstage stories to tell us about stroppy comedians and how he curates the award winning series.

Next months Komcast will feature music interviews, as well as your Guilty Pleasure track, as voted by you at this months Popstars party.


The Count….AKA Herve takes over The Remix reigns this weekend for one night only.

Remixing under the names Speaker Junk, Herve, The Count and Sinden and just simply The Count, the man has been a busy boy this summer putting out smash hit, After Dark featuring the Mystery Jets and new release, Machines Can Do The Work with Fatboy Slim.

He and the Brighton legend both play London’s SW4 festival over the August Bank Holiday weekend, on the same bill as Salt N Pepa. Get ready to Shoop!

MONDAY 26TH JULY 2010 – SW4 COMPETITION – SALT N PEPA – competition now closed……

If silky shell suits are no longer a thing of the past in your book, then you may be interested to know Salt N Pepa are making a come back at this summer’s SW4 festival on Clapham Common next month.

Marking more than 15 years since they played London if you can answer this question, you can win a chance to see them in action.

What name did Salt N Pepa originally launch under before they became a hip hop trio to release their first single? Tune in to The Remix this weekend to find out how to enter….


On the eve of launching their hotly anticipated 24 hour audio visual feast that is Radio Soulwax, one half of the Belgian duo, David Dewaele, confessed he is a little sick of remixes, and can’t see the point: “There’s so much crap out there, why add more to the pile?”

Despite having made a fair few in his time he told me it is only 5 % of what they do and he can’t understand the reason most people remember them for creating them. “We’re friends with a lot of bands whose music I love and then they’ll ask us to do a remix and a lot of times we’ll turn it down just because I think it is wrong for them to play that game where very often it’s not about the music, it’s not about the song or what the person does to it, it’s about a certain scene or getting it played in clubs.”

The band are working on a track for Erol Alkan’s latest production project, Late of the Pier, which the brothers asked to have a go at, however David says he reckons re-working a song just to get DJ’s to play it is wrong:”Does anyone really hear a starsailor remix and go, ah, I should buy that album? No!”

Radio Soulwax will finally get launched this summer after two years in the making. Meantime check out a taster here


Renowned for their ability to build the meanest leanest fighting machine out of a few garden shed goodies and come out on top – one man is now re-building their signature tune.

Check out how MSTRKRFT does it A Team style here


This weekend East London’s Victoria Park will play host to a Dizzy Friday, Roxy Saturday and Sunday A-mazing Grace will prevail.  Fast foward to the final August Bank holiday weekend and it’s all about the Windowlicking Aphex Twin.

The Cornwall born and bred master of all that is warped in the world of electronic wizardry is signed to appear at the first ever L.E.D festival.

Lets just hope this chap doesn’t rear his ugly head there…


Self styled king of collaboration, Unkle’s James Lavelle, is curating a new Exhibiton in London next month, called Daydreaming with…James Lavelle.

It’s not the first time he has hand picked a group of artists to work together on a project like this, but this is his biggest yet, with some key names from the world  of fashion, film, music and art on board.

All installations and works in Mayfair’s Haunch of Venison gallery will be inspired by music from the new Unkle album.

Jo found out more details about the new material for BBC 6 Music here

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