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JoGA gets Glossy – 03 May 2012

A new section has been added to this website – JoGa!

The reason there has been no updates for 6 months? I have been in India studying Yoga but now I am back in the city & ready to teach and share my music and yoga together – JoGa!

In fact, as soon as I got back it all kind of exploded with my private JoGa, JoGa Beats sessions & as I had hoped, my style of JoGa – Vinyasa flow, music led classes gained a little attention…mainly in the name of one very special lady at Red Magazine, who wanted to feature me in this months Body Confidence issue!

Check out page 72 of the June issue ….or see below if you have a magnifying glass or telescope!!?? If not go buy it. It has a lot of interesting articles about how women stay body confident in an age when thin is seen to be beautiful and nothing else goes. We all struggle to keep ourselves ship-shape, it has been a full time job in some parts of my life, but I am lucky to have found something I have fallen in love with as much as radio and music…that also takes the bore out of the chore.

Sep 2011 14

Notoriously not the most friendly man in the world, I was understandably, a little wobbly of leg as I bowled through the backstage doors to chat to Bobby Gillespie in Berlin.

The band were headlining the opening night of the festival with their Screamadelica tour and Bobby had agreed to have a quick catch up before the band went on stage in the main aircraft hangar stage at Tempelhof airport.

Thankfully he was on form, and revealed to me, that the band are back in the writing mood. Not only that but he and Andy have also started recording and are hoping to have a new record out in the next year.

“We’ve already been working on some new stuff and when we’ve finished this tour we’re going to continue working on it and hopefully we should have a new Primal Scream record out by next summer or next autumn,” Bobby Gillespie told me.

The outfit hit both Bestival and the Berlin Festival this weekend, with a pretty heavy tour schedule still to wrap up this year, before they play their final gig in Edinburgh on New Year’s Eve. I asked Bobby where they found the time to cram in recording sessions; “We kind of found the time it’s hard to explain how,” Bobby explained.

“We spent six months working on the Screamadelica shows that we played last November, then we had a week here and a week there working on the new stuff.”

The Primal Scream front man said they are in no rush to finish the new album:

“I want to take my time and get it right and so far we have got a lot of good stuff recorded we’re very pleased with how it is has gone.”

As to whether they will ever work with Andy Weatherall again, who produced Screamadelica, Bobby says “Never say never.”

Listen the full interview here

Jul 2011 24

As I arrived on the Island I actually almost ran into her, tanned, long limbed, her hair lighter and curling softly around her face. She was smiling and was chasing a little girl off the beach.

It took me a triple take to realise that I had glimpsed the woman people back home had grown to loath.

Everyday in London seemed to bring another newspaper splashed with shots of the singer bleeding, snotty with her eyes rolling.

But here, she appeared to have transformed, relaxed, been eating, and looked a picture of health.

Not only that, but as i booked into reception, I saw she was staying 2 cottages along in the 5 star complex I had been flown out to cover the St Lucia Jazz festival on a press trip.

From my upstairs roof terrace, I could see her out on hers, smoking and chatting to friends, her band members and a very big bouncer – who made it clear we were not to approach.

Speaking to the Tourism Minister for the island, Allan Chastanet, I was told she was getting along famously with locals and as a Thank You, had offered to headline the Jazz Festival.

Despite her fresh faced look, I still had doubts about whether she would turn up. However, with the world’s media looking on, including me, with high expectations, Amy appeared in a small blue dress a guest told me she had borrowed to perform in.

Hopes were soon dashed. Amy had, it became clear within a nanosecond, morphed into her old London self.

Gone was the healthy sparkle and its place and wobbly, glassy eyed mess. I felt so sad I felt tears spring to my eyes unexpectedly.

Vox popping the crowd after there was a lot of anger, but all I felt was that Amy was not born to perform. It isn’t not something she appeared to enjoy…and maybe this is why she felt the need to get smashed before every gig?

I am feeling really sick about the whole affair right now…it has left me with a bad taste in my mouth and more than a few tears.

This is the report I filed for BBC 6 Music back in 2009 just after the show….

St Lucia Jazz Festival Amy Winehouse FEATURE 100509 by JoYoule

Jul 2011 11


Just recently Gothenburg’s finest export dropped their brand new single, Ritual Union.

This dreamy, rhythmical, shifting, moody rainbow creature sounds a little like the future of soul music, with some serious fire in it’s belly, worthy to give Clifford’s Listerine minty mouthedness a serious run for it’s money.

In fact, I can safely say this is my favourite song of the year so far, but imagine the joy, when I spotted Tensnake had got in on the act and remixed one of the hottest bands du jour.

So, it is with great pleasure, I span both versions in this week’s show. The are both worthy and needed a little space to breathe.

Little Dragon return with their new album Ritual Union, July 26th through Peacefrog, with Big Boi on production duties for part of it, after a certain Andre 3000 tipped him off.

The Remix 09 July by The Remix 107.2

Jul 2011 01

“Lady who?”, I think that was the most used phrase at last nights Manchester International Festival as Iceland’s finest fire starter, Bjork, landed back on her mighty music perch.

The singer, wearing a full orange afro wig, gave fans a small glimpse into the future when she performed the world premiere of her heavily-hyped multi-media project “Biophilia” last night. She even invented her own instruments to play it on!

Hear a full run down of the event, plus interviews from her album collaborators and contributors here

Jun 2011 23

After joining Jo as co-host of The Remix last week, Detroit minimal house man, Claude Von Stroke, has made a special mini-mix ahead of his set at Brighton’s Life Club this weekend.

For the final 30 minutes of the show on Juice 107.2 you will be able to catch the man in action and if you like what you hear, why not head down and join the man himself, live in the mix at Lifeclub.

He’ll be spinning an eclectic mix of his trademark sounds, alongside some of his remixes from the new Makeovers album set to launch next month, alomgside co-headliner, PEARSON SOUND, aka Ramadanman.

Claude told The Remix, a typical Von Stroke remix does not fall into the category of, “said track getting redone with a new drum beat and some dub effects on top.” No, the typical VonStroke remix tends to be a complete re-work from the ground up.

Join Jo for the warm-up from 8pm on Saturday 25 June…or to listen to the duo last week, check here.

18 June Remix by The Remix 107.2

Jun 2011 05

Ahead of their set at The Glade festival this coming weekend, London outfit The Dub Pistols hooked up with The Remix for one specially crafted pre-festival mini-mix.

As well as unleashing the mix, Jo Youle, has an exclusive chat to DJ Shadow on his forthcoming album, The Less You Know the Better and unveils new remix album details of Detroit legend, Claude Von Stroke, who is coming to co-host the show on June 18 ahead of his tour landing in Brighton.

Claude VonStroke created dirtybird records in 2005 and continues to run A&R and daily operations. In between classic releases like “Who’s Afraid of Detroit” and “Vocal Chords” VonStroke managed to also produce a large catalog of remixes. A typical VonStroke remix does not fall into the category of “said track getting redone with a new drum beat and some dub effects on top.” No, the typical VonStroke remix tends to be a complete re-work from the ground up.

She will also have competition tickets for his show at Life on June 24 and copies of Makeover to give away.

Hear the full show here

Remix June 04 by The Remix 107.2

May 2011 24

Making his first return to Brighton in 11 years, DJ Shadow delivered a killer set at the Dome and spoke exclusively to Jo about his brand spanking new album, The Less You Know The Better, set for release on September 04.

This one will feature less guests and is not purely focused on hip-hop as in his words, he’s been looking for inspiration elsewhere for this record.

The full details and interview will be unleashed, on her show, The Remix, this Saturday, between 8-10pm.

However, for a taster of what is to come, check here

May 2011 05


After launching the first festival dedicated radio station in almost two decades last year, Jo Youle, is back as station manager this summer, bringing the month long broadcast back to 87.7fm, across Brighton and beyond.

This year sees human rights advocate and Nobel Peace laureate Aung San Suu Kyi leading the charge as guest director of this years 45th Brighton Festival and as such the programming will have a wide range of influences both musically and in the themes explored in our speech based programmes. For the full rundown of the schedule and details of what is to come on the station, check out the schedule here

The station is live on 87.7fm and online at

Here’s a sample of the radio goodness you can expect

Jan 2011 07

He came runner up in the BBC Sound of 2011 Poll, is good friends and an admirer of Jamie XX and has a debut album coming out on 07 February.

James Blake is his name and Jo went to his South London flat to catch up with him.

Listen to the interview or read the full review she wrote for the BBC

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